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New single “Apart” from Brainwashed Proper Citizens

On June 20, my basement and studio space flooded during a heavy rain storm in Winnipeg. Due to ongoing clean up, renos and upgrades I have had to delay a few projects including the next Brainwashed Proper Citizens EP. Since it's now been over a year since the last EP, I decided to release one of the completed songs - "Apart". The track is available digitally pretty much everywhere... and you can download it for free right now on Bandcamp.

Or stream:

Brainwashed Proper Citizens - Apart

Brainwashed Proper Citizens - Apart


Jamie Rumley “What Are You Waiting For” now available!

Jamie Rumley's latest release "What Are You Waiting For" is now available in store at the following locations:

And also for download on Bandcamp (where you can download MP3 or lossless/FLAC!)

CDBaby, iTunes, and other online retailers coming soon!

Jamie Rumley - What Are You Waiting For

Jamie Rumley - What Are You Waiting For

Jamie's first release "Renovations" was released in 2008 and was completely arranged in the studio. Production on "What Are You Waiting For" began well over a year ago, this time in a live, band setting. I played bass in Jamie's band and we worked out live arrangements for many of the new songs before starting on the studio versions. I think this resulted in a more organic and collaborative sound this time around. I'm really excited for everyone to hear it!


  • Produced by Adam Halstrom
  • Performed by Jamie Rumley, Adam Halstrom, Craig Armstrong, Lindsey White
  • Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam Halstrom @ pollution lake sound (pollutionlake.com)
  • Photography by Rahim (rahim.net), stylist Sabrina Harris
  • Art direction and layout by Adam Halstrom and Jamie Rumley

No Point Intended catalogue released for digital download

2010 marks the 10 year anniversary of my first album recording... No Point Intended's "the 24 #*@%'en hours EP", most of which was tracked in a single 24 hour session (for two reasons - this was the longest we could stay awake; and the longest we could use some of the borrowed gear).

The entire catalogue of the band's recordings (four releases between 2000-2002) is now available for digital download (pay what you want) over at


As an added bonus, I have included two newly mixed cover tracks that were recorded as part of the same 24 hour session, but were never released until now (look for the Mallrats Demo).


Amped Vol. 1 Compilation

Amped Vol. 1 (2002)

No Point Intended "Believe"

Believe (2001)

No Point Intended "the 24 #*@%'en hours EP"

the 24 #*@%'en hours EP (2000)

Mallrats Demo

Mallrats Demo (2000)