Demo Reel

Thank you for your interest in my work! The following is a list of tracks that I feel best represent the capabilities of my studio. I have attempted to make selections that cross a few different styles and moods.

All of the selections below are recorded, mixed, and mastered by Adam Halstrom.

Jamie Rumley – So-Called Life

Rock, Folk

Dee Erin Band – Turn It Up

Pop Rock, Alternative, Country

Darling Ex-Wives – Am I Composed? (Epic Song)

Melodic Hard Rock, Riff Rock

Brainwashed Proper Citizens – Apart

Melodic Rock

Heida Ljos – Walkin’

Folk, Acoustic

Brainwashed Proper Citizens – Alien Scars

Ambient, Acoustic Ballad

Jamie Rumley – Fade Away

Folk, Piano Ballad

Wanda Wilson – 2 Pennies

Folk, Acoustic, Violin Ballad