Wanda Wilson - pollution lake sound

Wanda Wilson

waNda wilsoN has been known to welcome and explore almost any artistic idea she can find into her work. She is passionate, optimistic and determined to work with what she has; her sound has been described by many as raw and edgy. The approach is bold, out of the ordinary, and pretty damn cool. Whether she’s using a homemade amp fashioned from an old suitcase, custom drum kit pieced together one skin at a time, or some obscure outdoor location, wilsoN’s tendency to `make do’ conveys a style that speaks for itself.

With a hint of folk-rock sprinkled with a smidgeon of garden-punk, she constructs an alternative blend of music meant to be heard. She finds inspiration all around from the performances and stories of friends and buskers to artists like The Pixies, The Violent Femmes, Rae Spoon, Kinnie Starr, Lucinda Williams and George Jones.