No Point Intended - pollution lake sound

No Point Intended

no point intended formed in January of 2000.

After only four months as a band, no point intended developed into a solid and cohesive group. The decision of which direction the band would take was easy, as all of the members felt that recording original music would be the best vehicle for their talents.

To that end, the 5 song demo “the 24 #*@%’en hours EP” was recorded by Adam in May of 2000. After the recording was complete, every CD was put together by hand and hundred’s of copies were given out for promotional purposes. The band didn’t collect any money for it’s first production.

In October of 2000, no point intended set to work on their first full-length album, titled “believe”. Two songs from the demo, as well as 9 new songs were chosen and brought into Adam’s home studio. After a years work, the album was released on October 27, 2001. Over the year that “believe” was in production, the band worked on developing the entertaining and energetic stage performance that exists today.