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Dee Erin Band

Dee Erin Band is an alternative/rock band based out of Manitoba, Canada. Fronted by lead singer Darren Bignell formerly of aboriginal rock band Heritage and lead guitarist Kenneth Henderson formerly of aboriginal rock band Chrome204. Back in the winter of 2012, Darren had booked a show in a northern Manitoba community and needed to find a musician to fill the vacant lead guitar position. That’s when Kenneth came into the picture, enthusiastic about the show, It was a no-brainer for him to take the opportunity. After the show was over, Kenneth and Darren began writing songs occasionally but in the mean while they were both nursing their own solo projects.Soon after, drummer Terry Constant answered a phone call from Kenneth spilling to him the entire plan. Terry showed much interest and began recording demos with the band. It became apparent that their musical abilities on stage and as well as the songs that they were composing had great potential. They began travelling to different communities across Manitoba to perform gaining much support from different musically influenced people and creating a good fan base, but still they had struggled to officially find a band name. By the summer of 2013 to present, the band has successfully secured high profiled performances for different communities across Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The band sincerely enjoys performing while spreading a positive message to the youth through music. Dee Erin Band’s music is a high energy fresh sound with strong vocals and big guitars.