Brainwashed Proper Citizens - pollution lake sound

Brainwashed Proper Citizens

Simply put: a mesh of 90’s-influenced hard rock and pop rock.

Consider a blend of moody riff-rock (Helmet, Hum, Deftones), psychedelic alternative-rock (My Bloody Valentine, Smashing Pumpkins), and melodic pop-rock (Green Day, Blink-182). The result is Brainwashed Proper Citizens; guitar-driven pop-rock mixed with Halstrom’s unique vocal and writing style.

“Street Lights in Stereo” is the debut EP from Brainwashed Proper Citizens, released in 2012. “This release is intended to present a quick snapshot of where I am with my songwriting and audio production. It represents the styles and sounds that I love to listen to and translate to my own music. The songs were all self-performed, engineered, produced, mixed, and mastered in the basement of my south-River Heights home in Winnipeg. The name ‘Street Lights in Stereo’ is a loose reference to the link between music, sounds, and where you come from.”

“Apart” is the latest single from Brainwashed Proper Citizens, released in anticipation of a new EP in the coming months.