Brainwashed Proper Citizens “Anomalies” Available Now!

Today I celebrate the release of my new solo EP “Anomalies” on my 38th birthday! I chose this day because much of this album is inspired by stories that are close to me.

The songs were recorded in the years leading up to the formation of Plain as Ghosts… around 2013-2014. I had intended to release something much earlier but got a little distracted by the new band and life stuff. Over the last few years I’ve felt the need to get these songs out, so I’ve re-focused my energy into this project for the time being… but fear not! Plain as Ghosts is still alive and well!

You can stream (or purchase) the album in it’s entirety here:
A very limited number of compact discs were printed and can be ordered from the Bandcamp link.

All songs written and performed by Adam Halstrom.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Adam Halstrom at Pollution Lake Sound, Winnipeg, MB.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound.
Design by Adam Halstrom