The Rendering of Plain as Ghosts’ “Rendering”

On May 27, 2016 we released “Rendering”, the debut album from my band Plain as Ghosts.

Plain as Ghosts is a project I started in 2014 with Trevor Lux (vocals/guitar), Rodrigo Ramirez (drums), and Daniel Friesen (guitar). I play bass in the band.

Writing for this project had been a bit of a slow but rewarding process. Trevor lives in Niverville, Dan lives in Blumenort, and Rod and I live in Winnipeg. Because of the distance we can manage 1 rehearsal a week at most – this means most of the writing was done at home or over the wire. Many of the songs were composed as follows: Trevor or I contribute a basic idea, I take that and put together a rough arrangement (drums/bass/guitar) in my studio and send that back to Trevor, he’d then hash out more guitars, melodies and lyrics. We’d iterate on that a few times, tweaking the arrangement and then eventually bring the demo to the band to solidify the arrangement and parts as a group. Most importantly, make it sound like “Plain as Ghosts” and not a demo we chopped up in the computer!

This process is not something I’d ever attempted before, but felt very intuitive to me as someone who does a lot of demoing in my own studio.

When it came time to lay down the album, we decided to record the drums with our friend Mike K. Pascucci at Bedside Studio. I had never worked in this room before and felt that taking the drums into another studio would be a good motivator to get started and also a good experience for me as an engineer. That aside from the fact the room at Bedside looks and sounds amazing.

After the drums were completed, we tracked the rest of the album in my studio. Having someone in the band with a home studio can be a blessing and a curse – on one hand, there is a lot less pressure; but on the other hand, there is a lot less pressure 🙂 I think the approach worked well for our first effort. Both Trevor and Rod have some studio experience, however this was Dan’s first time under the mic. In these instances, it’s nice to have a comfortable atmosphere and a beer fridge close by! 🙂

You can purchase the album here:

Produced by Adam Halstrom and Trevor Lux.
Recorded and mixed by Adam Halstrom at Pollution Lake Sound.
Drums recorded by Mike K. Pascucci at Beside Studio.
Mastered by Jamie Sitar at Outta Town Sound.
Design by Adam Halstrom.

Rendering CD