Dee Erin Band “Broken Road” Available Now!

After 8 months of writing, demoing, travelling, recording, and more travelling, we released Dee Erin Band’s debut full-length album “Broken Road” on Dec 4, 2014.

I have known Darren for a long time, our bands played shows together when I lived in The Pas and I was lucky to have the opportunity to record his latest project with Ken Henderson and Terry Constant. The guys would make the 6 hour drive to Winnipeg to hang out in my basement and record these songs.

When we started each session, I never knew what we were going to end up with. We had a backlog of demos to work through – some were previously recorded (you may recall Grace, which was originally recorded and arranged with my good friend Quintin Bignell and Myles Tarvis at another studio). For that track we pretty much went with the same arrangement because it worked so well. Others were rough demos or in some cases brand new songs that were being written while waiting for the train on Waverly.

In the end we completed 10 songs that I am very proud of. The music is a mix of Alternative Rock, Pop, Country, and every track is catchy. A great driving album.

A number of songs are streamable on soundcloud here:

You can purchase the album at digital retailers here:

Phyical CD’s can be purchased from the band, or at Shane’s Music in The Pas.

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