Darling Ex-Wives – Am I Composed? (Epic Song)

Darling Ex-Wives is a project I was involved in around 2009 with my friends Quintin and Ben. It started with a few jams “for fun” and evolved into a riff rock song writing experiment which eventually led to the recording of an EP. Unfortunately the project died before it got off the ground but we were left with a few interesting recordings done in my studio.

This track is a complete co-write which we referred to as the “epic song” during our sessions. What I love about it is the distinct influences brought in by each of us. The drums and guitars were recorded in Quintin’s concrete basement, the rest of the overdubs were done in my apartment at the time. This mix is really just considered a rough mix/master since we never got to the “release” stage of the project, but after letting it sit for 5 years I kinda like it as is.

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