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Brainwashed Proper Citizens “Street Lights in Stereo” now available!

I have been writing and recording demos of my own music for the last ten years or so… the last time I released any of my own music would have been in 2002 with no point intended (Amped Vol. 1). I recently polished up 3 of the more recent songs and released them under the name “Brainwashed Proper Citizens”, which some may recognize as the name of a project I started back in The Pas with Jo Johnson. This time I around I am performing everything on the entire release, though I hope to bring in more guest musicians/vocalists in the future.

Here it is, “Street Lights in Stereo”, a 3-song digital EP by Brainwashed Proper Citizens. The EP is available at all major digital retailers including Bandcamp. I should point out that Bandcamp gives you the unique opportunity to obtain the EP in a lossless (FLAC) format and also includes digital liner notes in PDF format.

There are also a few additional places where you can stream the entire EP: